Friday, February 12, 2010

"Buttermilk" Fried "Chicken" with Warm Maque Choux Smashed Potato Salad

My ass is so damn happy right now. I finally quit my tolling 9 to 5! Not only was I about to have a serious whack attack, but my lack of ability to play in my kitchen was slowly killing my spirits. But I'm back with a vengeance! I didn't ever really stop cooking, but I usually plan and execute about 3 recipes a week. I was down to 3 a month. Now I can finally sit back, relax and take a deep breath of the smoggy LA air. Ahh, like heaven. Filthy, filthy heaven.

Of course, I do need to work. I need a steady income. As much as I love living the life of a freelance delinquent, it just doesn't pay the damn bills. But if I am going to take precious time away from tinkering about in my kitchen laboratory, I want it to be because I'm cooking somewhere else...not sitting at a desk like a robot on crack. I have to admit, working that job really made me question my genetic make-up. Is it possible that some of us just aren't wired to spend 9 hours a day toiling away in a cubicle? Was I just born with Stoner DNA? I am inclined to believe that we've been conditioned to think that such behavior is normal, but in my reality, it's just damn near impossible. Or maybe I'm just a spoiled little brat.

Regardless, the taste of freedom is a sweet one. I'm hawking Craigslist again for the next good opportunity, but I'm not going to lay the pressure on myself until my bank account dwindles to the point of discomfort. I'll spend my days doing some serious catch-up on things like planning our wedding, working through my stack of written recipes and renewing my medical marijuana license. You know, the important stuff. Plus, we're throwing a "Blow Me: I'm Single (Or Hate Valentines Day) Bash, so I've got a bit of party preparing that needs tended to.

Oh, and thank you for all your recipe suggestions! Keep em coming. I loved what you guys threw at me. Throw harder.

No recipe to go along with these lovely photos, but it is a recipe written off a suggestion for some vegan fried chicken. Oh, and here's a close up of that hot potato salad:


runlonger said...

Your potato salad looks awesome! Now come on and tell us what you won in the lottery!

Shags said...

You are so funny!



JennShaggy said...

Thank you! We won the all expense paid trip to Vegas. I wonder if that includes our heavy gambling price haha.

Mike K said...

Both the 'chicken' and potato salad look fantastic - reminds me I need my fried fix, and you completely captured the fried chicken look.

Good luck in your campaign to avoid the 9 to 5 drag. You're right - it's all about conditioning. I'll save my 'upward migration of wealth' sermon for some other time :)

The Voracious Vegan said...

Congratulations on your freedom - that must feel amazing.

I definitely agree, a 9 to 5 just isn't normal! I've been able to finagle making a living on my own schedule. That's not to say I don't work very, very, hard, because I do. But I get to do it on my terms, and usually at home in my pajamas. Heaven!

Your meal looks delicious! I love a good plate of vegan fried chicken, one of my favorites.

Jes said...

Hungry, so hungry now!

Decent battered and fried shrimp? Could you do that?

runlonger said...

Ha-ha, indeed. Well, maybe you can work it into your honeymoon... Congrats!

Trinity (of haiku tofu) said...

Holy cow that looks sooooo good. Please do tell me how you got that fabulous breading working. And those potatoes???? I'm dying of jealousy here... must consume!

The other day my lady said, "I miss watching the L word... it used to come on this time of year"

and I told her maybe you and your girl would be on the L word reality show and she wouldn't have to be sad any longer.

Andrea said...

My husband almost plotzed (Yid-talk for you Jenn) when he saw the "fried chicken." RECIPE?!
Congrats on winning the trip.

Vegan in Salem said...

God this looks SO good! Mmmmmm....

Christina Blue said...

Jenn, you cock tease. I'm stoned over here and see these pictures and then read that you didn't include the recipe. You're killing me here!

iRaw said...

o.m.G! This looks amazing!!!

Eve Love said...

it's not my place in the 9 to 5 world...

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