Monday, May 12, 2008

Kvetch Korner: Take 1

I know, I know...spelling words with a "K" instead of a "C" for the sake of clever alliteration is one of my pet-peeves, too. I just couldn't resist. And I aptly labeled this post "Take 1" because my inner Jewish grandma will inevitably need to Kvetch again!
I've been working a lot lately, and I've been doing it on purpose. I had waaay too much idle time due to the Writer's Strike Effect. Now-a-days, my grocery shopping must be done with expedience. On my weekly Trader Joe's trip last Friday, I was scurrying around the store, tossing the bare essentials into my cart. As I was perusing the hummos section, something just to the left caught my eye. Soy Cheese. $2.75. Hooray!
So into my cart it went.
I quickly wrapped it up at TJs, ran home, threw my groceries into the fridge, and booked it to work.
Cut to:
Sunday, late morning. After a much deserved two hour coffee and reading session, I meander over to my fridge. "Oooh, pita pizza with soy cheese. Mmm.", I think to myself. So I start busting out the necessary ingredients. I had the tail end of a Follow Your Heart Monterey Jack still in there, so I decided to compare the ingredients to the Trader Joe's cheese. I start scanning the packaging, and much to my dismay....*GASP*

The Trader Joe's soy cheese contains Casein.
(I know the pic's small, but it's the first ingredient in the second row if you can enlarge it.)

Casein is milk protein for those that don't know.
Why Trader Joe's would label this an "alternative" to dairy products, I don't know. It still has dairy in it.

You deceptive bastards. Just be happy I still had some Follow Your Heart left.


Adriana said...

I got caught up in the excitement of soy cheese and made the same mistake. I bought the shredded version and not until I decided to make quesadillas did I find out it contained casein. I felt like such a dolt especially since I scrutinize all food labels. My non-vegan husband ate it and loved it.