Tuesday, July 22, 2008

It's Official: I'm a Professional Vegan Baker.

That's right, kids.  A few of my vegan pastries can now be purchased at The Vegan Spot.  Go, please.  Not only because I'd love for you all to enjoy some delicious vegan baked goodness, but because the food at The Vegan Spot is delicious.  Vegan roast beef.  Yumyumyum.  

Damn...I thought my self hungry.


Anonymous said...

DUDE! which pastries?! i haven't tried the vegan spot yet, but i CANNOT WAIT. i would love to get some of your baked goodies on my ceremonious first visit. i am jealous. i can't bake to save my life. i love eating what other people bake though!!!

Tinah, her stomach and KyJe said...

yay for having a job!! I thought myself hungry A LOT.

p.s. check out this new blog I've just started and let me know what you think! I might need some technical help to make it look as awesometastic as yours.

Anonymous said...

i am headed to SF right now, but when i get back to LA next week i will definitely rush straight over to the vegan spot for some of your vegan twinkies! that sounds too good to pass up! and i will check out rainbow acres, thanks for the recommendation. let's go vegan crazy! it's on!

Anonymous said...